RICE is part of a learning institution that partners with world ratedfinancial institutions as well as certified EPC organisations to bring you state- of- the- art clean energy solutions. Our certified EPC partners, Questworks, designs and installs the systems that we finance and own. We provide solutions that optimise solar energy production to meet yourrequirements.

Our assets are monitored from an intuitive software management platform to ensure the best service for you. As part of a learning institution, we bring an alliance of technology as well as academic partners for increased capacity, universal access to sustainable, affordable and clean energy to your organisation.Kenya Light Project Ltd is at an advanced stage in the development of a 10MW solar harvesting farm in Kajiado County, Kenya. The company brings over 20 years of experience in renewable sustainable strategies and are experts in climate change mitigation, through
its highly experienced members of staff.

The projected yearly revenue income for the 10MW solar project in Kajiado is estimated at USD 2 Million and, together with contributions from our funding partners, is hoped to be ploughed back to build more phase projects
across the rural and pre urban areas.

Riara University is a majority share holder of our organisation, Riara Institute of Clean Energy (RICE) as well as Kenya-Light Project Ltd, a purpose driven company that is set to be the industry leader in consultation, fund sourcing as well as large-scale renewable energy harvesting farms in the market.