SOB Visit to Kenya Industrial Property Institute

Riara University School of Business (SOB) students visited Kenya Industrial Property Institute off Mombasa Road on an educational trip. It was a learning and sensitization excursion that was meant to, and did fulfill the following objectives:

1. Educate the students on the functions, tasks and goals of the institute.
2. Educate the students on the processes, terminology, requirements and rules that pertain to acquiring a patent or trademark.
3. Sensitize the students on the importance and use of acquiring trademarks and patents.
4. Advise the students on the best decisions and steps to take in this regard as well as how the patents and trademarks are enforced.
5. Educate the students on the practice, treaties, partnerships and procedures of patenting and trademarks worldwide.
6. Sensitize the students on the challenges KIPI faces.
7. Sensitize the students on the innovation and outreach initiatives by KIP as well as its partnerships with institutions of higher learning.

It was a very well orchestrated trip through their premises by the staff, who were very knowledgeable and engaging. Students got to see the whole processes as well as their catalogs all the way from 1913. Lastly at the end we all got a session to interact with and question the Managing Director and other senior management officers.

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