The Innovative Mind

The Monthly Students’ Innovation Forum was held on 31st January, 2018 themed ” The Innovative Mind” The speakers were: Mr. Joe Mwai- Head of Riara Center for innovation and Mr. Stephen Kigwa; a motivational speaker, writer and life coach. They shared the importance of creative and critical thinking and looking into the future as a way of solving today’s challenges.

Technology is dynamic and investors are looking for young entrepreneurs w​ith great ideas. The students and staff present were encouraged to be creative and continuously experiment. The great philosophers and inventors tried several times before they got it right.

As a man thinketh, so he is. Attendees were engaged in various conversations on how to create and have innovate minds by changing the way they see things, break routines and do things differently for they are responsible for steering their own lives.

Mr. Kigwa highlighted some of  the innovative business insights captured in some of his books.

You can get more information from Stephen’s and Joe’s websites and respectively.

The monthly forum which is an initiative of the School of Computing Sciences strives to have more engagements to help students expand their minds and realize their potential.

#going exponential with our ideas!

Below are a few photos of the event:

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