Riara University has changed my life. LL.B Graduate – Boru Gollo Jattani

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” By affording me the chance to study my dream course (Law), Riara University has changed not only my life but that of many people who identify themselves with me as their role model.

After completing my High School studies, although I passed well, the Joint Admission Board (JAB) admitted me to University of Nairobi to pursue Bachelor of Education (Physical Education). At that point, my dream of becoming a renowned lawyer in Kenya was just that, a dream, until the day one of my aunts informed me of the Katiba Scholarship which put me on a path of immense possibilities. For a 2500-word essay competition, Riara University was offering a full scholarship to two outstanding but needy students. I spent days, nights and weeks writing my essay. I remember praying so much about it because literally, my whole life was depending on the 2500 words.

When the awards day came, I was eager to finally know my fate. As I was leaving home for the ceremony, one of my cousins asked me where I was going to, and I jokingly responded, “You never know, I might come back a lawyer!” At the ceremony, I noticed that almost all participants had brought along their family members because obviously, they were expecting to win. (I had no one accompanying me).

A few minutes before the unveiling ceremony began, I was introduced to a Riara Law School faculty, Ms. Roseline Njogu. Ms. Njogu, who will later become one of my favourite lectures, asked me few basic questions such as where I come from and the situation there. Without giving it any serious thought, I told her, “Well, umh, I come from Isiolo, and you know… it’s a bit dry but other than that, all is well.” I later joined the other participants inside the conference room as I waited for the event to start.

After a brief lecture by the guest of the day, Hon. Abdikadir Mohammed followed the unveiling of winners. Before the Katiba law scholarship winners could be announced, the winners of Mashujaa essay, another category, were called out after which I heard, “Now, the two students I am going to announce are going to have a free ride through law school… And the first winner is Samuel Kyalo!” As Kyalo, went to receive his award, I started to panic because, in my mind, I thought a lady would get the remaining slot. My gender versus merit analysis was interrupted by, “the second winner is Boru Gollo Jattani!” I heard buzzing sound in my head, and my heart was pounding so fast, it was so surreal!

After an eventful four-year ‘free ride,’ on 16th of March 2016, I graduated with Bachelor of Laws Degree (LL. B).

My story is one of grass to grace because a body sat somewhere and founded the Katiba scholarship for needy students like me. I want to thank Riara University for giving me the opportunity to pursue my legal education at one of the best institution in Kenya, Riara Law School. My time at the University has been one of the best time of my life.

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