The philosophy guiding RU is the search for quality scholarship in its chosen fields of study and the nurturing of graduates of obvious competence with inquiring minds, who are broadminded, independent thinkers and guided by strong moral values in their dealings with the society.

RU graduates are expected to be able to make appropriate moral and intellectual choices and contribute to the integral development and welfare of the county, national, regional and global environments. RU is therefore focused on producing a graduate who is well rounded, confident and equipped for selfdevelopment, but who is also an effective transformation agent at county, national, regional and global levels. Transformation comes about through
addressing felt needs in society at all levels particularly through community service programs.

RU has a strong commitment to excellence in teaching, academic integrity and learning and education of students in general. The University also recognises the importance of research to expand and build on the areas of its academic interest; andplaces a high value on collaborative activities between itself, other academic parties and industry.

Research and innovation in the area of solar PV is lacking in the country. Despite the fact that most of this technologies are environment dependant, not much has been done to look into the best technologies for our market, the opportunities in new technologies and challenges that hinder advancement of renewables both on the supply and demand ends. The university focus in a bid to establish a foot print in the renewable energy space. Part of the research scope it consider as a starting point to innovation is:

I. Measurements and Characterization
II. Performance and Reliability
III. Engineering