Riara Law School in Collaboration with Law Society of Kenya on Matters BBI

On 6th May 2021, the Riara Law School Partnered with the Law Society of Kenya -Nairobi Branch, to host a legal awareness webinar on Explaining the Process of Constitutional Amendment and the BBI. The event moderated by the Law School’s Dr. Victor Lando, featured a high calibre panel comprising Prof. Ben Sihanya from the University of Nairobi and Senior Counsel, Martha Karua.

Key themes explored during the webinar which hosted more than 200 attendees, included the context within which the BBI process was initiated and the objects of the proposed Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020 (the BBI Bill) the current governance challenges in Kenya and whether there is a constitutional moment that warrants an amendment to the current constitution. There was a consensus among the panelists and the participants that the proposed BBI amendments cannot, on their own, cure Kenya’s governance challenges. Citizens at all levels, and the leadership of this Country must take the initiative to put Kenya on a growth trajectory, both in terms of governance and economic prosperity.The partnership between the Law Society and Riara University will see several other joint events being hosted in the near future. 

Our next webinar will be on matters pertaining to the legal and economic implications of the Free Trade Agreements being negotiated by the US and UK with African countries including Kenya.

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