FEMINISM AND FEMINIST RESEARCH: Making Research Work for African Women by Prof. Wanjiku Kabiria & Dr Maloiy Lanoi

We are glad to announce the release of “FEMINISM AND FEMINIST RESEARCH: Making Research Work for African Women” a book wriiten by Prof. Wanjiku Kabiria & Dr Maloiy Lanoi. Find more information about the book below.


The key reason the African women-centered research is important, is that it is grounded on the need to better comprehend the nature of African women’s experiences; how they have dealt with these experiences and the solutions they offer to their problems. This research does not always seek the problems but it also seeks to find their enriching experiences that can help transform our lives, which is not `knowledge for its own sake’ but rather knowledge that is explicitly dedicated to bringing about transformation and improvement in both the women’s situation and that of the surrounding society.

This desire has spread as the discipline of women studies has grown as an academic field, focusing on women and their altering status in society and their place within national and global contexts. The African Women Studies Centre is one of these academic institutions whose specific focus is on African women. The Research Centre creates opportunities for studies on issues overlooked by traditional scholarship and shares the same with the immediate and larger communities in the region. This approach appreciates the status and position of women in various societies, including the developments that arise from efforts to eradicate discrimination against women, particularly within social practices and norms in the quest to transform the society into a just and caring place. Such knowledge and sensitivity to the concerns of the African woman will enrich the educational, personal, and professional experience. African women-centered research and feminist studies will also help African women to make sense of the world they live in.


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FEMINISM AND FEMINIST RESEARCH: Making Research Work for African Women: Kabira, Prof. Wanjiku, Maloiy, Dr Lanoi: 9798672619040: Amazon.com: Books