The following are guidelines in use in the Library to ensure safe and conducive study environment to all our users.

Social distancing

Hand washing

Proper wearing of face mask

1.      Mandatory and proper wearing of face mask in the library, except where unsafe due to medical condition or disability.
2.      Users are required to observe and maintain the recommended social distance of 1.5 Meters always in the Library.
3.      Users are expected to use authorized tables and seats as labeled in the Library and maintain the sitting arrangements (Do not move or remove chairs).
4.      Users are required to use their own devices while accessing OPAC to avoid sharing the OPAC access points which have been suspended until further notice.
5.      Mandatory hand washing or sanitization at the entrance of the Library.
6.      Users are not allowed to use the digital section of the library until further notice.
7.      Group discussions is prohibited.
8.      Only essential working items are allowed in the library (books and pens)
9.      The use of language area has been suspended until further notice
10.  The library windows and doors to remain open to improve ventilation inside the library.
11.  Payment of Library fines, photocopying and printing services should be made through Point of Sale
12.  All returned library books and books used in the Library are quarantined for 72hrs
13.  The use of hard-copy of Magazines is prohibited. Users are encouraged to use the digital version of daily Magazines.
15.  The library operation Hours are reduced to five days per week from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.
16.  Frequent disinfection of heavy transit areas and high-touch surfaces (e.g., tables, chairs and circulation desk top surface)
17.  In the event of a positive case, the library will be closed for a deep cleaning and disinfection of the workplace in accordance with current MOH guidelines.
NB: User’s entry to the library will be limited to circulation desk pickup and reading section only.
Covid-19 signage are placed in appropriate places; inside and around the library to remind all the users to observe the MOH guidelines.
Any user who fails to adhere to the set guidelines will be asked to leave the library building.