Journal Article by Dr. Joy Mueni, Multimedia and Communication HOD

Title:  “Are men sexually harassed?”: Enacting the discourse of hegemonic masculinity in the evaluation of stories of male sexual harassment on Kenyan talk radio.

Using callers’ stories of male sexual harassment taken from Kenyan talk radio, the purpose of this paper is to analyse the in situ production of an emic definition of (male) sexual harassment. Further, using positioning theory as a methodology, this paper aims (1) to make visible the gendered identity work that defining, or not defining, an event as male sexual harassment occasions and (2) to show how hegemonic masculinity is achieved through stories and their evaluation by the radio host and other callers who talk certain masculinities into being as normative and others as deviant..

The article is in: Journal of Pragmatics and Society Vol. 8:3 (2017) pp. 447- 470.

To read the abstract click here.

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