It’s Your Life; It’s Your Future; Know Your Options.

By Leah Mbuya, RU nurse:

Riara university health week took place on the 25th September 2017 to 29th September 2017 in the aim of marking the World Contraception day 2017.  The event was organized by the Riara University Health Unit, in collaboration and support from Marie Stopes Kenya and Coptic Hope center. As an institution of higher learning, having our main clientele being teenagers and young adult the health unit joined the rest of the world in activities addressing the rampant adolescent and teenage pregnancy, which is increasingly becoming common. The theme for 2017 was: It’s Your Life; it’s Your Future; Know Your Options.

In reference to a fact sheet developed by Rutgers and the Government of Kenya for the High-Level Political Forum 2017 Roundtable Discussion, the forum noted that;

Teen pregnancy and motherhood rates in Kenya stand at 18%. About 1 in every 5 adolescent girls has either had a live birth, or is pregnant with her first child. Rates increase rapidly with age: from 3% among girls at 15 yrs. old, to 40% among girls at 19 yrs. old. The situation varies across counties; with some counties seeing higher rates than others, Worse it has been noted, most of these unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.  An alarming number of very young girls are falling pregnant, or becoming mothers every day. The largest proportion of them will drop out of school, or go on to have more children. The result is a spate of spiraling poverty, diseases including HIV/AIDS, Juvenile delinquency, and death from backstreet abortions.”

As a unit we have noted that it’s time to make Family planning a business of everyone more than before. We encourage everyone talk about Family Planning in all forums, emphasizing on adolescent and youth sexual reproduction health and rights,  keeping in mind that the largest proportion of our population  in our institution is adolescent and the youth .

This is an attempt to support the Kenya Vision 2030, aimed to become a medium income industrialized country, by maintaining and sustain healthy populations hence the need for knowledge on contraception options as envisaged in The National Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy 2015.

Below are photos for the Riara University Health Week.

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