Ken Walibora, PhD

Dr. Ken Walibora teaches at the School of International Relations and Diplomacy at the Riara University. Author of the critically acclaimed Swahili novel Siku Njema, Walibora obtained his PhD in Comparative Cultural Studies at The Ohio State University, in the United States. His training in Comparative Cultural Studies with a multidisciplinary and eclectic approach, offers a tremendous boost to Diplomatic Studies, for which globalization, interethnic dynamics and multicultural adaptions have increasingly become important pillars. His research interests include globalization, translation, world literature, and African continental and diasporic cultures and literatures, with a focus on Anglophone and Swahiliphone fiction and nonfiction.

He is a prolific Kiswahili fiction writer and poet with a literary oeuvre exceeding fifty titles and has won several awards. For instance, he won the Jomo Kenyatta Literature Prize thrice with his Swahili texts, Ndoto ya Amerika in 2003 and Kisasi Hapana in 2009 and Nasikia Sauti ya Mama in 2015. His recent scholarly works include the book Narrating Prison Experience: Human Rights, Self, Society and Political Incarceration in Africa (2014). He has also published a number book of chapters and articles in academic journals including PMLA, Research in African Literatures (RAL), and Journal of the Association of African Literature (JALA), East African Literary and Cultural Studies, and Journal of African Language Teachers Association (JALTA). In addition, Ken Walibora has a wealth of journalistic experience as news editor and anchor as well as columnist.