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Articles in Refereed Journals

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Book Chapters

  1. Francis Onditi. (forth-coming). The ‘Invisible Force’ in the Downfall of the African Standby Force.
  2. Francis Onditi. (forth-coming). Developing Social Pendulum Theory of Access to Explain the Changing Urban Geography. In: The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Change.
  3. Francis Onditi. (forth-coming). The Changing Change of Masculinity in the Conflict Prevalent Congolese Society. In: The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Change
  4. Francis Onditi. (2021). Political discourses and regional (dis)integration: Comparing narratives from global south and north. In WS. Nasongo. African Governance, Security and Development. Lexington Books.
  5. Francis Onditi (forth-coming). Sources of complex mixed wars in post-CPA South Sudan. In GK Kieh & KA Kalu. The South Sudanese civil war.
  6. Francis Onditi. (2021). Conflict resolution and freedom in Africa. In KA Kalu & GK Kieh. Peacebuilding in Africa: The post-conflict states and its multidimensional crises. Lexington Books.
  7. Onditi, Francis, and Robert Gateru. 2020. Technologizing infrastructure for peace in the context of fourth industrial revolution. In: W. Doorsamy, B.S. Paul and T. Marwala. The disruptive fourth industrial revolution: Technology, society and beyond. Springer.
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  9. Onditi, Francis. 2019. French-Africa Changing Foreign and Security Policy: Real Change or Diplomatic Propaganda? In: N.C. Check, K. Adar and A. Wingo, France’s Africa Relations: Domination, Continuity and Contradiction. Africa Institute of South Africa.
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Occasional Papers & Policy Briefs

  1. Onditi, F., and Guillaume, L. (2014). Assessment of Knowledge Attitude and Behavioral Change among Security and Defense Forces: Experiences and Lessons from East, West and Central Africa, International Bureau for Children’s Rights, Montreal, Canada, Vol. 1.
  2. Onditi, F., Guillaume, L. (2004). Child Protection in the African Union Peace Support Operations: Contextual Analysis, International Bureau for Children’s Rights (IBCR), Montreal, Canada, Vol. 1.
  3. Onditi, F (2011) Multiple Livelihood-Conflict Triggers among Border Communities in Eastern Africa-the Case of South Sudan: A New Framework for Conflict Analysis, International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC), Occasional Paper Series 2, No. 1, Nairobi.
  4. Onditi, F (2011) Human Security Intricacies in Post-Conflict States: Crafting Reconstruction Approaches for South Sudan and Similar Challenges in Africa: IPSTC Policy Brief, Vol. 1, Issue No. 5.
  5. Onditi, F (2010) Development or Security? The Dilemma of Policy Prioritization, Institutional Coordination and Sequencing of Integration in East African Community (EAC). IPSTC Occasional Paper Series.
  6. Onditi, F (2011) “Human Security Intricacies in Post-Conflict State-South Sudan: Crafting Reconstruction Approaches for Similar Challenges in Africa, IPSTC Policy Brief.
  7. Onditi, F (2010) “AFRICAN UNION’S 2010 YEAR OF PEACE AND SECURITY IN AFRICA” What are the Challenges, Threats, Opportunities and Prospects for African Union Mission in Somalia. IPSTC Policy Brief.
  8. Onditi, F (2010) Regional Security Verses the EAC Common Market; Thinking Beyond Economic Value of the Borderless Community.
  9. Onditi, F (2010) Towards Quality Assurance in Peace Support Operation; A Teaser for Peacekeeping Training Institutions. IPSTC Policy Brief.
  10. Onditi, F (2010) The Forgotten Parameter: Weaving the East African Border Management Service Providers in Security Sector

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