The RU International Relations & Diplomacy Programme is deliberately inclined towards a policy orientation through exposure to global affairs and dynamics of world politics. To achieve this the programme critically analyzes key areas of International Relations like, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, International Law, International Security and International Political Economy through a multidisciplinary approach. To realize a policy orientation the programme is deliberately designed to enable the learners interact with both practitioners and academicians from within and outside Kenya.

What People Say

Boru Golo – 3rd Year, LLB

Boru Golo – 3rd Year, LLB

I am deeply grateful for the chance that Riara University has given me. The scholarship has given me hope to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Law from a fully accredited institution. Not only am I bright, but serious too.

Sammy Derrick – Journalism 2nd Year

Riara University has offered me an environment to rediscover myself.
Karagania Mwamlole

Karagania Mwamlole – 2nd year Bachelor of Computing Sciences

I expected Riara University to have world-class education and they do. What is even more impressive are the professional networks and opportunities available. I feel my potential being unlocked.

Sharon’s BED Arts – 4th Year

Certificate in Teaching International Curricula enables us to understand the international curricullum and the difference with 8-4-4 curriculum
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Haluku Gene, 3rd Year LLB

My passion for music and enabling space that Riara provides has enhanced my self-discovery and self-assuarance

Bhagyashree Halai

Time is avluable and passes swiftly with friends and Lecturers. The Lecturers introduce other topics related to market needs and it’s commendable. For me, Riara University is the palce to be for actualizing one’s dreams.