The goal of the University Library is to ensure that all the learning, teaching and research information needs of the university community are met.


To be a leading university library in the region, firmly grounded in the excellent and quality management and use of information and knowledge for learning, teaching and research.


To acquire, manage and disseminate information through the use of information literacy and Information Communication Technology approaches to ensure quality and relevance in the University’s pursuit of scholarly excellence, integrity, competence and service to the individual and society.


The objectives of the University Library are to:

  • identify the teaching, learning and research information needs of the lecturers, students, researchers and administrative staff in the university;
  • identify, select and acquire quality and relevant information materials in print and computer-based formats that will support the core activities of the University;
  • provide and use modern Information Communication Technologies, including the Internet and Library Management System, in the acquisition, organization and dissemination of information;
  • organize information materials by cataloguing, classifying and indexing these materials to ensure ease of retrieval for the users;
  • establish information dissemination services to ensure the full utilization of the information resources by the library users;
  • provide adequate and secure accommodation for the housing of the library materials, equipment and library users and the staff;
  • provide modern equipment and the information infrastructure needed for the facilitation, provision and use of information;
  • establish and develop qualified and competent staff that will carry out the functions of the library;
  • form partnerships and linkages for purposes of resource sharing and benchmarking;
  • join library consortia in order to enhance the attainment of the goals and objectives of the library;
  • mount an information literacy programme for users in order to equip them with the information skills needed for the full utilization of the available information resources; and
  • install equipment and instill practices that will ensure the security of the information materials and the safety of users.

All persons registered as members of the Library shall be required to abide by the following regulations of the Library.