RU Celebrates it’s 3rd Cultural Extravaganza

The 14th to 18th of March 2022 marked Riara University’s third cultural week and the first of its kind since the COVID-19 pandemic. The Riara University Students Association (RUSA) organized event had been on demand since the last one held in 2019 and with Covid-19 regulations being relaxed, the school did not hesitate to deliver.
The event kicked off officially on the 15th of March with a Pajama dress theme, fun games, music and great food. On the 16th of March, the students and staff celebrated our different cultural backgrounds with attire, food and dance. The last of the in-school events was the color fest which saw an explosion of color for self-expression from the entire RU body. The day was crowned by a sunset GT within the school grounds.
On the 18th of March, the entire week was wrapped up with an extravagant Gala at the Stademark Gardens in Karen. Both students and staff showed up dressed to the nines to crown Mr. and Miss Riara 2022. There were performances from Boutross, Brandy Maina and Lil Maina, as well as from talented RU students. The highlight of the night was the crowning of Miss Alakiir Dau as the reigning Miss Riara and Cliff Brutone Daniel as Mr. Riara 2022.
Cultural Week served not only as a much-needed reprieve from what has been a hectic semester but also as tangible evidence of RU’s cohesiveness and teamwork. We sure do look forward to doing this again come 2023

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