Riara University, accredited by the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) as a service provider of the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) Programme.

Riara University is delighted to announce its accreditation by the TSC in the facilitation of the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) Programme to be offered to the over 340,000 TSC registered teachers in the country. The University is tasked with the responsibility of equipping teachers with 21st Century innovative competencies for provision of quality education. The Riara heritage of providing quality education is well known nationally and internationally, having been in the sector for almost half a century.

The Programme will use a modular approach and will be delivered online and face-to-face. Teachers will be required to undertake one module for five years to guide career growth and development. Some of the Modules will include Professionalism, Pedagogy, Competency-Based-Curriculum and Assessment, Inclusive Education Practices, Instructional Leadership, Financial Literacy Skills, Comprehensive Health and Safety Skills for Teachers while Institutional Managers/Leaders and Instructional Leaders. After successful completion of each module, a completion certificate will be awarded by the university.

Riara University is well prepared to receive the first cohort of teachers who are expected to commence learning in December 2021.It is indeed a pleasure to be part of this national role of enhancing teacher professionalism in Kenya.



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