Public lecture by Professor Tomoya Obokata of Keele University School of Law

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Riara Law School hosted a public lecture by Professor Tomoya Obokata of Keele University School of Law, UK , on September 16th 2015.

The lecture was be on “International Law on Transnational Organized Crimes”

Below is Prof. Tomoya Obokata’s profile.

Prof. Tomoya Obokata is a Japanese scholar and Professor of International Law and Human Rights atKeele University School of Law. Previously he taught at Queen’s University Belfast (2006-2012) and University of Dundee (2004-2006). He holds BA in International Relations (University of Southern California), MA in Theory and Practice of Human Rights (University of Essex), LLM in International Criminal Law (University of Sussex) and PhD in Law (University of Nottingham). Prior to commencing his PhD degree, Professor Obokata worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Regional Office of Japan and the Republic of Korea (1999-2000).

Professor Obokata’s expertise lies in transnational organised crime generally and trafficking of human beings in particular. He has a number of publications on these topics. Previously he advised the bodies including the UK Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, the Northern Ireland Assembly All Party Group on Human Trafficking and the International Organisation for Migration and the European Union.
Professor Obokata recently completed a research project entitled “North-South Irish Responses to Transnational Organised Crime,” funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (£195,000), as the Principal Investigator. In this project, the research team examined the extent to which Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland were successful in implementing action against major crimes such as drug and human trafficking as well as cigarettes/fuel smuggling, with particular reference to cross-border co-operation.
He is widely published.


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