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Dr. James Mulli

Dr. Mulli is the former Academic Dean and program director of the European University. He lectures in post-graduate Corporate Finance, Business Statistics and Blockchain Executive Certificate Courses. For the Master of Accounting & Audit at the University of Luxembourg he currently lectures in Managerial Accounting. He has held additional lectureships at the State University of New York and Mercy College also in New York.

Dr. Mulli is a former director of two successful New York based multinational conglomerates and has valuable experience in the field as an NASD Series 7 compliance officer for the broker dealer Heyka Capital Management. He worked as a Portfolio Manager for the Soros Fund Management’s Quantum Industrial Partners and holds a Doctorate and Masters degree from Saint Johns University, New York, and an MBA from New Hampshire Plymouth State University with specialization in Investment and Finance.

The son of a former Ambassador, he has lived in China, Egypt, Somalia, Germany, France and the USA. He is fluent in German, French, Kiswahili, Kikamba and has certified conversational competency in Mandarin.

Dr. Mulli is an international educator, and educational technology consultant with a keen interest in looking over the horizon at how technology is shaping the world. His search for trends in emerging technologies allows him to be an educator who applies skills to help students thrive.

He is the founder of Technology Enabled Learning – Africa, a non-for-profit educational provider whose initiative is to support existing Institutions in developing e-learning . His belief is that education is the silver bullet for development and through existing expertise and support infrastructure, TEL-A can provide the needed “jump-start” to institutions in Africa and beyond.

Dr. Mulli is a Rockefeller Foundation Grant Recipient, and a Prince Fellow Teaching Excellence recipient for the European University. He is a textbook author and has published numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

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