• Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Endeavors to produce graduates with the skills and knowledge required for efficient acquisition and disposal of organization resources. It focusses on organisational procedures and processes including negotiation, planning, risk management and data analysis.

  • Diploma in Business Management

Designed to produce innovative graduates, who possess high professional skills, are ethical, creative, entrepreneurial, sensitive and responsive to societal needs and committed to lifelong learning in the fields of finance, accounting and marketing

  • Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT)

Designed to provide the learner with knowledge, competencies, and values in Information Technology and Business Management, strategic use, management and development of information systems to enhance businesses processes. The programme enables learners integrate IT models to create enterprises and solve business problems within the fields of accounting, finance, marketing, procurement, human resource development, operations/production, and research and development.

  • Diploma in Computer Science

The programme is ideal for those who intend to be proficient in a variety of settings which include: management of computer information and systems, web design, software development, information technology, development of business IT projects and applications, technopreneurship as well as research. The programme also provides a sound basis for postgraduate advancement.

  • Diploma in Information Technology

The prevalence of Information Technology today means that computing is part and parcel of our daily lives. Thus, understanding the various dimensions of Information Technology is fundamental and a key for well-rounded academic preparation. The study involves understanding the application of computing tools information processes and application management. It is, therefore, geared towards innovations of Technology which are essential skills necessary to the needs of the workplace and the modern society.

  • Diploma in Mobile Application Development

This program is intended for individuals interested in the design, development, or use of mobile device applications, games, or utilities. It will benefit those who wish to expand their technical skills and distinguish themselves across a wide range of employment and technical disciplines within the rapidly developing world of ICT.  The programme is also ideal for individuals who wish to venture into self-employment in this fascinating field.

  • Diploma in Ethical Hacking and Information Security

This programme is ideal for those who intend to be proficient IT security professionals, networking professionals, web developers, network and systems administrators, software developers, database administrators, developers of business IT projects and applications, as well as technopreneurs. The training provides a solid foundation in security technologies and also is highly recommended for IT professionals serving in any industry and in government.

  • Diploma in International Relations

This course familiarizes learners with the international system and prepares them to play an active role in a globalized world. It is taught by world class faculty using an interdisciplinary student-centered approach to learning, which expands students’ intellectual horizons and enables them take an integrated approach to problem solving.

  • Diploma in Journalism

The RU Journalism Programme is designed to provide its graduates with a firm foundation for the communication world. It includes the necessary academic subjects infused with a strong entrepreneurial culture as well as creative thinking and ethical and moral considerations for sound decision-making in a complex media business environment.

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