• University Librarian welcome message

    Welcome to Riara University Library! This is your library. You can count on us for up-to-date scholarly information and high quality services.

    The RU Library is fully automated and networked. We have a wide collection of high quality and relevant resources to meet your information needs. This collection includes a large database of electronic books and journals which are accessible within and outside the University.

    The RU Library’s ambience is unparalleled and provides a comfortable and welcoming place for your quiet study, group discussions and all round discoveries. Take advantage of the comfortable study environment, excellent information resources and happy and energetic staff that are very happy to help you find what you need.
    The RU Library is committed to working in partnership with you towards achieving academic goals.

    Maryanne Gichuhi
    University Librarian
  • About the Library

    Riara University’s ultra-modern Library provides a personalized, high quality service to support the university’s teaching and research programmes and to encourage the development of creative and independent thinking. The Library offers a conducive environment for study with a seating capacity of about 600. The Library is fully automated and features a comprehensive, robust ICT infrastructure including a server, Digital Library, Computers, high speed internet connectivity, Wireless internet both inside as well as outside the Library, Security systems, Fibre Optic backbone, IP telephony and e-mail services.

    The Library has a rich collection of over 3,000 volumes of books catering for undergraduate programmes currently being offered which include Business Administration, Education (Arts), Law and Foundation courses. Information materials in other areas will be added as new programmes offerings are made. In addition, the Library subscribes to a number of e-resources which give access to thousands of e-journals as well as e-books both on campus and remotely off-campus.

    Opening Hours

    Monday to Friday – 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
    Saturdays – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Closed on Sundays and Public holidays
  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I become a member of the library?
    To be registered one needs to have a student card or a staff ID.
    Our clients are expected to first undergo through library orientation and training before being registered as members of the library.

    2. How do I borrow a book, CD/DVD?
    To borrow an information resource one should produce their own student card or staff ID at the circulation desk. Using another student card is prohibited.

    3. For how long can I stay with a book?
    Books on the open shelve can be borrowed for a maximum of 2 weeks and can only be renewed once. Books on the short loan section can only be borrowed out for four hours

    4. Why is it that sometimes a book is indicated as available but cannot be traced on the shelves?
    Mainly in such cases the books are being used by the students in the reading areas. It is good to inquire from the circulation desk.

    5. Can I continue to borrow a book if I have overdue books in my account?
    Accounts of clients with overdue books are automatically locked out by the system. This means that they cannot continue to borrow library resources until they return the overdue items and further pay the accrued fines.

    6. How do I recommend to the library to purchase new books and journals?
    In case a client has a book recommendation they are free to bring it to the circulation desk or to the university librarian.

    7. Does the library have electronic resources apart from books?
    The library has subscribed to electronic databases which are rich with electronic books electronic journals in different fields and subjects. These can be accessed right from the library OPAC.

    8. Does the library charge any fines for overdue library items?
    There are fines charged on overdue library items. Books on the open shelf they accrue a fine of shs.10 very day after the expiry date. Short loan books accrue a fine of shs.5 after every minute of the expiry hour of the book.

    9. What happens if I lose a library item?
    Any lost library item should be reported immediately. Once reported, a note is indicated on the users account to indicate there lost item, the user is then given an amount of time to search for the book, if the item is lost they will be expected to pay.

    10. Does the library offer photocopy and printing services?
    Photocopying and printing is done in the library for shs.2 and shs.5 respectively. However the library does not take cash, one need to pay money on their cards from the finance section and have the library staff swipe the card after a printing or photocopy service