Martin Kuria

Martin Kuria is a lecturer of communication and has a bachelor of arts in communication (electronic media, Daystar University). A Master of Arts in Communication (Corporate Communication, Daystar University) and A PhD candidate in Communication studies (Moi University). He has published several papers in the areas of Crisis Communication in churches and Digital television for innovation. His interests are in mentorship of students and the youth. As well as understanding the Pedagogical practice of the discipline of Communication and Journalism.

Previously in 2014, Martin Kuria was a lecture at Livinginstone International university (Mbale, Uganda). It was there where he got first hand experience in teaching. “Working as a lecturer outside the boarders of my country gave me a life changing experience in understanding the delicate work of nurturing young minds from troubled regions.” After this experience Martin arrived home and worked as an adjunct lecturer of Communication in Moi university, and the United States International University of Kenya among others. Martin has also had corporate experience as a television drama editor for the local hit tv series, Tahidi High and Mother in Law and also had a short stint at public relations as a communication Officer for World Friends, A Kenyan based NGO. My motto in life is “Knowledge is power even for the oppressed.”

Publication links

Establishing knowledge gap issues in Kenya: Why information for innovation on digital television is difficult to access among Jua Kali artisans
Challenges in the Production of Innovation Content for Engineering Artisans: Case Study of Media Producers in Nairobi, Kenya
Crisis communication strategies used in Kenya’s churches before during and after crises:The case of one local Church in Nairobi County
Crises experienced in church organizations: The case of Parklands Baptist Church Nairobi Kenya