Foundation Courses School of Law

All students undertaking the Riara University Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree programme are required to take the following common core courses:

Year 1

Trimester I

RFC 101: Communication and Writing Skills

RFC 105: Foundations of African Civilization-Its Impact on the World

Trimester II

RFC 102: HIV-Aids, Drug and Substance Abuse

RFC 104: Creative and Critical Thinking

RFC 106: Essential Elements of Africa’s Development

Year 2

Trimester I

RFC 201: Ethics, Culture and Development

RFC 203: Legal systems and Social Political Thought

RFC 205: Community Service

Trimester II

RFC 204: Governance and Leadership in Africa

RFC 202: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Electives for 3rd year

Trimester I

RFC 301:  Dynamics of Change in Africa

RFC 302:  Development Studies

Electives for 4th year

Trimester I

RFC 401: Women and Development in Africa

RFC 402: Development& Management of Africa’s Knowledge Systems


The Riara University LLB programme will be offered in full-time and part-time modes. The programme duration is 9 trimesters for both, each trimester consisting of 15 weeks, over a period of four academic years. The minimum full-time load is 3 course units per trimester and the normal load is 6 while the maximum load is 7.