Course Structure for School of Education

  • School Of Education Core Courses

    REDE: 110 Philosophy of Education
    REDE: 111 Educational Psychology
    REDE: 212 Tests & Measurement
    REDE: 203 Law and Education
    REDE: 220 Introduction to Educational Research Methods & Seminars
    REDE: 311 General Teaching Methods
    REDE: 313 Sociology of Education
    REDE: 321 Curriculum Design & Development
    REDE: 322 Guidance & Counseling
    REDE: 323 Micro Teaching
    REDE: 411 Economics of Education
    REDE: 412 Educational Management & Leadership
    REDE: 421 Comparative Education & Contemporary issues in Education

    Students to take Subject Methods in their two teaching subjects: 

    REDE: 330 English Subject Methods
    REDE: 331 Mbinu za Kufundisha Kiswahili
    REDE: 332 Literature Subject Methods
    REDE: 333 History Subject Methods
    REDE: 334 Geography Subject Methods
    REDE: 335 Business Studies Subject Methods
    REDE: 336 Mathematics Subject Methods
    REDE: 337 Religious Studies Subject Methods
    REDE: 338 Information Technology in Education Subject Methods

  • English Courses

    REEN: 110 Introduction to the Description of English
    REEN: 111 Introduction to the Study of Language
    REEN: 120 Advanced Description of English
    REEN: 121 English Grammar & Usage 1
    REEN: 210 Origins and Development of English
    REEN: 211 Phonology of English
    REEN: 220 English Syntax
    REEN: 221 English Grammar and Usage 2
    REEN: 310 Second Language Acquisition
    REEN: 311 Language Policy& Issues in Kenya
    REEN: 320 Research Methods in Linguistics
    REEN: 322 English Structure & Semantics
    REEN: 410 Sociolinguistics
    REEN: 411 Seminar /Research Project (E)
    RENG: 412 Varieties of English (E)
    REEN: 420 Discourse Analysis
    REEN: 421 Principles of Creative Writing (E)
    REEN: 422 Psycholinguistics (E)

  • Kiswahili Courses

    REKI: 110 Utangulizi katika Somo la Lugha
    REKI: 111 Historia na Maendeleo ya Kiswahili
    REKI: 122 Fonetiki na Fonolojia ya Kiswahili
    REKI: 211 Mofolojia na Semantiki ya Kiswahili
    REKI: 213 Fasihi ya Watoto OR REKI:212 Fasihi Simulizi
    REKI: 213 Fasihi Simulizi
    REKI: 221 Ushairi
    REKI: 222 Upataji wa Lugha
    REKI: 311 Fasihi ya Kiswahili 1[Riwaya na Hadithi Fupi]
    REKI: 312 Natharia ya Uhakiki na Sanaa ya Kiswahili
    REKI: 321 Sintaksia ya Kiswahili
    REKI: 322 Fasihi ya Kiswahili 11 [Sanaa ya Maonyesho]
    REKI: 411 Isimu Jamii
    REKI: 412 Utafsiri
    REKI: 413 Utafiti
    REKI: 422 Lahaja za Kiswahili (E)
    REKI: 423 Lugha katika Africa (E)

  • Geography Courses

    REGE: 110 Introduction to Geography
    REGE: 111 Physical Geography I
    REGE: 121 Physical Geography II
    REGE: 122 Human Geography & Spatial Organization
    REGE: 211 The East African Environment
    REGE: 212 Regional Geography
    REGE: 221 Economic Geography
    REGE: 222 Statistics and Field work
    REGE: 311 Tourism Geography
    REGE: 312 Industrial Geography
    REGE: 321 Population Geography
    REGE: 322 Political Geography
    REGE: 411 Practical Geography
    REGE: 412 Environment &Natural Resources, OR
    REGE: 423 Biogeography (E), OR
    REGE: 422 Urban Geography (E)
    RGEO: 421 Agricultural Geography, OR
    REGE: 413 Hydrology & Water Resources (E), OR
    REGE: 414 Climatology and Hazards (Elective)

  • History Courses

    RHIS: 111 History of Kenya
    RHIS: 112 Selected Topics in Global History
    RHIS: 121 History of East Africa Since 1884
    RHIS: 122 Archaeology
    RHIS: 211 Themes in the History of Parliament
    RHIS: 212 Topics in African History
    RHIS: 221 History of Latin America and the Caribbean
    RHIS: 222 History of the United States & Canada
    RHIS: 311 African Women in History
    RHIS: 312 History of Economic Thought
    RHIS: 321 Europe Since 1789
    RHIS: 322 Government & Constitutional History of Kenya
    RHIS: 411 Philosophy of History
    RHIS: 412 Historical Methods (E)
    RHIS: 413 Issues in History of Women (E)
    RHIS: 414 Themes in African Environmental History (E)
    RHIS: 421 History of Political Ideas
    RHIS: 422 War & Peace (E)
    RHIS: 423 Survey of History of Middle East (E)
    RHIS: 424 Ancient & Medieval History of Asia (E)

  • Mathematics Courses

    RMAT:110 Basic Algebra
    RMAT:111 Functions & Graphs
    RMAT:121 Intercepts, Zeros & Solutions
    RMAT:122 Polynomial & Rational Functions
    RMAT:211 Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
    RMAT:212 Trigonometric I
    RMAT:221 Trigonometric II
    RMAT:222 Linear Models and Systems of Equations
    RMAT:311 Matrices & Determinants
    RMAT:312 Sequences
    RMAT:321 Probability & Statistics
    RMAT:322 Introduction to Calculus
    RMAT:411 Parametric Equations & Polar Coordinates
    RMAT:412 Vectors (E),OR
    RMAT:413 Probability I [E], OR
    RMAT:414 Differential Calculus  [E]
    RMAT:421 Conics, OR
    RMAT:422 Probability II [E], OR
    RMAT:424 Integral Calculus [E], OR
    RMAT:423 Business Mathematics [E]

  • Literature Courses 

    RLIT: 110 Introduction to Literary Criticism
    RLIT: 111 Theory of Literature
    RLIT: 120 Introduction to Oral Literature
    RLIT: 121 Stylistics
    RLIT: 211 East African Prose
    RLIT: 212 Poetry from East Africa
    RLIT: 221 East African Drama
    RLIT: 222 The Short Story
    RLIT: 312 South African Literature
    RLIT: 321 Afro-American Literature
    RLIT: 322 European Literature
    RLIT: 411 Caribbean Literature
    RLIT: 412 Theatre Arts: Play Analysis, Interpretation & Actors Craft (E)
    RLIT: 413 Children’s Literature: Theoretical &Critical Survey (E)
    RLIT: 421 Modern Poetry from the Best of the World
    RLIT: 422 Theatre Arts: Principles of Play Production (E)
    RLIT: 423 Children Literature: Practical Study (E)

  • Business Studies Courses

    RBUS: 111 Entrepreneurship Education
    RBUS: 112 Management Information Systems
    RBUS: 121 Sales Management & Marketing
    RBUS: 122 Principles & Practice of Management
    RBUS: 211 Business Statistics
    RBUS: 212 Public Relations
    RBUS: 221 Intermediate Economics
    RBUS: 222 Investment
    RBUS: 311 Public & Business Finance
    RBUS: 312 Office Administration & Management
    RBUS: 321 Business Law
    RBUS: 322 Organizational Theory & Behaviour
    RBUS: 411 Marketing Research
    RBUS: 412 Financial and Managerial Accounting (E)
    RBUS: 413 Marketing Management (E)
    RBUS: 414 Theory & Practice of Human Resource Management (E)
    RBUS: 421 Auditing
    RBUS: 422 Purchasing & Supplies Management & Public Procurement (E)
    RBUS: 423 Labour & Industrial Relations (E)
    RBUS: 424 Purchasing & Supplies Logistics (E)

  • Religious Studies Courses

    RRST: 110 Introduction to the study of Religion
    RRST: 111 Religion& Ethics in Society
    RRST: 121 Sociology of Religion
    RRST: 122 African Religions & Heritage
    RRST: 210 Introduction to Biblical Studies, OR
    RRST: 211 Introduction to Islam
    RRST: 212 Philosophy of Religion
    RRST: 221 Comparative Study of Religion
    RRST: 222 Church History, OR
    RRST: 223 Islamic Civilization &Culture
    RRST: 311 Religion & Politics in Africa
    RRST: 312 Study of Old Testament, OR
    RRST: 313 Study of the Koran
    RRST: 321 Religion &Development in Africa
    RRST: 322 Study of New Testament, OR
    RRST: 323 Study of Hadith
    RRST: 411 New Religious Movements in Africa
    RRST: 412 History of Christianity & Ecumenism in Africa, OR
    RRST: 413 History of Islam in Africa
    RRST: 421 Critical Thinking
    RRST: 422 Contemporary Issues in Islam, OR
    RRST: 423 Contemporary Issues in Christianity

  • Information Technology Education (ITE) Courses

    RITE: 110 Introduction to Computers
    RITE: 111 Introduction to E-Learning and Technology
    RITE: 121 Introduction to Database Systems
    RITE: 122 Introduction to Computer Programming
    RITE: 211 Human Computer Interaction
    RITE: 212 Data Structures and Algorithms
    RITE: 221 Systems Analysis and Design
    RITE: 222 Database Management Systems
    RITE: 311 Project Management
    RITE: 312 Object-Oriented Programming
    RITE: 321 Data Communication
    RITE: 322 Online Searching
    RITE: 411 Management Information Systems
    RITE: 412 Computer and Society, OR
    RITE: 413 Multimedia Systems and Applications [E], OR
    RITE: 414 Impact of it in Development in Africa [E]
    RITE: 421 Information Communication Technology
    RITE: 422 Knowledge Management, OR
    RITE: 423 Environmental Science [E], OR
    RITE: 424 Ethical and Societal Impacts of ICT [E]


    All students undertaking undergraduate programmes are required to take the following common courses offered by the School of Foundation Studies

    Year 1

    Trimester I
    RFC 101:  
    Communication and Writing Skills
    RFC 103: 
    Introduction to Computer Application
    RFC 105: 
    Foundations of African Civilization-Its Impact on the World

    Trimester II
    RFC 102: 
    HIV-Aids, Drug and Substance Abuse
    RFC 104: 
    Creative and Critical Thinking
    RFC 106: 
    Essential Elements of Africa’s Development 

    Year 2

    Trimester I
    RFC 201: Ethics, Culture and Development
    RFC 203: Legal systems and Social Political Thought
    RFC 205: Community Service

    Trimester II
    RFC 204: 
    Governance and Leadership in Africa
    RFC 202: 
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Electives for 3rd year

    Trimester I
    RFC 301: 
    Dynamics of Change in Africa
    RFC 302:  
    Development Studies

    Electives for 4th year

    Trimester I
    RFC 401: 
    Women and Development in Africa
    RFC 402: 
    Development& Management of Africa’s Knowledge Systems

    Optional Course
    Introduction to Computers