CIC Quiz

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Test your knowledge quiz on CIC

1.     What does the CIC stand for:

a)     International Criminal Court

b)     Commission on independent Constitution

c)      Commission on the implementation of Interim Constitution

d)     Commission for the implementation of the Constitution


2.     How many commissioners does the CIC have

a)     8

b)     9

c)      10

d)     7


3.     Who is the chairperson of the CIC

a)     Mr. Charles Nyachae

b)     Dr. Elizabeth Muli

c)      Dr. Florence Omosa

d)     Dr. Ibrahim Ali


4.     When were the CIC Commissioners sworn in

a)    January 2011

b)    December 2010

c)     April 2011

d)    February 2011


5.     What is the lifetime of the CIC

a)     10 years

b)     Permanent commission

c)      5 years

d)     15 years


6.     Which one of the following is not a mandate of the CIC

a)     To monitor, facilitate and oversee the development of legislation and administrative procedures that are required for the smooth implementation of the Constitution.

b)     To coordinate with AG and Kenya Law Reform Commission in preparing for tabling in Parliament, legislation that are required for implementation of the Constitution.

c)      To promote and protect human rights in public and private spheres

d)     To work closely with the Constitutional Commission to ensure that the letter and spirit of the Constitution is respected


7.     Who is the vice-chairperson of the CIC

a)     Mr.KamothoWaiganjo

b)     Ms Catherine Mumma

c)      Dr. Elizabeth Muli

d)     Prof Peter Wanyande


8.     Which one of the following is not a Constitutional Commission

a)     Judicial service Commission

b)     Teachers’ service Commission

c)      Kenya anti-corruption Commission

d)     National Police Service Commission


9.     Who among the following is not the CIC Commissioner

a)     Mr. Philemon Mwaisaka

b)     Dr Rose Musyoka

c)      Mr.KamothoWaiganjo

d)     Ms Catherine Mumma


10.Apart from the Constitution, which legislation provides for establishment, membership and  functions of the CIC

a)     CIC Act

b)     County Government Act

c)      Election Act

d)     Political Parties Act

11.Which one of the following fields is not a requirement for appointment of CIC commissioners

a)     Accounting

b)     Economics

c)      Law

d)     Public administration


12.Which one of the following law has not been passed by Parliament

a)     IEBC Act

b)     Assumption of office president Act

c)      Vetting and Magistrates Act

d)    Consumer Protection Act


13.Which one is not a ground for disqualification of the CIC Commissioners

a)     Disability

b)     Bankruptcy

c)      Misbehaviour

d)     Death


14.Who funds the CIC

a)     Barclays Bank of Kenya

b)     United Nations (UN)

c)      Consolidated fund

d)     Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)